Who are we?

We’re digital marketers

Injected Media was founded in Tucson, Arizona in 2011. The firm was created with the appreciation that high-tech companies need a distinct kind of marketing for their adoption and ultimate success in the market: Technology Marketing.

With innovation and emerging tech markets exploding, our founder’s aim was to build a special team that would increase awareness of technology. That awareness would help others understand how technology works, convince technical audiences and company decision-makers alike of it’s value…and ignite the interest of potential customers or funders (investors).

However, the methods and techniques used to tell the “tech story” were unlike the marketing used by non-technology businesses. But with scientists, engineers, and industry experts working closely with our founder and team, Injected Media fulfilled exactly what the tech sector needed.

Now, Injected Media is making those marketing strategies accessible by all kinds of businesses.

What do we do?

We make quality marketing more affordable and accessible for you,
so that your customers can access your brand, products, and services

Injected Media provides month-to-month digital marketing for all types of companies (in nearly every industry).

Why are we special? We aren’t just a creative agency or your “website designer”. We are a team of technologists that specialize in rapidly learning and immersing ourselves in our client’s business, products, and services. We have access to market insight, cross-industry expertise, and proven growth hacker strategies. This means that we save clients time that would normally be wasted trying to bring traditional marketing agencies up-to-speed and we are able to get started sooner and achieve greater outcomes. Often, client’s tell us we are 95% exact with our completed work, and they’re surprised at how we knew so much about their business in such a short amount of time.

Not only do we directly correlate business performance (think: dollars) directly to digital marketing, we also only do what makes sense for a client’s growth. Unlike other agencies that will often just accept payment and execute, we speak up and often help clients save money by advising against things that won’t work. And considering we don’t push client’s into long-term contracts, that’s a sure way to build trust.

Who do we serve?


Start-Ups and Small Businesses. Especially, local ones.

Ready to show them your concept? Early successes? We offer several packages priced for startups at different stages, especially if you are trying to pitch your idea to a potential partner, customer, or investor. We’re also great at hyperlocal marketing.

Medium to Large Companies

Launching a new product? Expanding? Dusting off the brand? With many companies expecting to spend between 18-33% of their gross revenue on sales and marketing, options can seem endless and large budgets can be hard to manage. Keeping up to speed on digital trends while running the core business can be extremely challenging. Learn how we can outperform large internal marketing teams and those overpromising agencies, help you grow, and save established you money.


If you’re an individual, or better yet…an influencer, industry leader, specialist, or just have something to say, we can help you make a lasting impression on the web. We can help develop your brand, voice, grow your followers, and maintain your connection with the community around you. Just need a landing page website to get started? We’ve got you covered.

Non Profit Organizations and Education

Ready to launch your online fundraiser? We love charities and organizations with purpose. We can help with your enrollment, membership, online courses, consumer engagement, online donation platforms, and spreading the word. We’ve worked with NPOs just starting out as well as established and successful organizations based on emergency services, disaster recovery, health and wellness, schools, national academies, universities, summer camps, and various other types of programming.

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